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          Product Name:SC (B) 11 dry-type transformer

          Updated:2020-05-12 16:11:31

          Product Details

          SC (B) 11 type epoxy resin cast dry-type power transformer is manufactured according to the standard "Dry-type Power Transformer". This product has low performance loss, good energy saving effect, economical operation and maintenance-free. In addition to advanced process structure, high resistance to short circuit and lightning strike, it also has the characteristics of flame retardant, moisture proof, dustproof and low noise, which can penetrate deep into the load. Widely used in high-rise buildings, airports, stations, docks, power plants, substations, etc. Especially suitable for installation and use in places with high fire requirements such as flammability and explosion.

          The standard transformer produced by our company is without shell, and the protection level is IP0O. If customers need, we can provide shells with protection level of IP20 and IP23. The shell can be made of ordinary steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum alloys and other materials according to customer requirements, and processed for pickling, cleaning, and plastic spraying. The temperature control indicator and load recorder are installed on the low-pressure side of the shell, which is convenient for users to observe and reliable.

          Performance parameter

           1. The main performance parameters of SC (B) 10 are shown in the table

              The main performance parameters of SC (B) 11 are shown in the table

          2. Number of phases: 3 phases

          3.Frequency: 50Hz

          4. Insulation heat resistance level: F level

          5. Average temperature rise of winding: ≤100k

          6. Partial discharge: less than 5Pc

          Model meaning


          Insulation level

          Voltage level


          Maximum operating voltage

          KV (effective value)

          Rated short-term power frequency withstand voltage

          kV (effective value) / 1 minute

          Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage kV (peak value)
          Full waveChopping

          Main performance parameters of SC (B) 11 10kV series


          Main performance parameters of SC (B) 11 20kV series


          Main performance parameters of SC (B) 11 35kV series


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