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          Conditions for dry-type transformers in operation requiring immediate power failure

          Release time:2020-05-12 16:11:31      Number of hits:88

          In the operation of dry-type transformers, what conditions need to be cut off immediately? Follow the editor.

          In the following cases, the dry-type transformer needs to be immediately powered off:

          1. Dry-type transformer catches fire: In this case, the dry-type transformer is to be stopped.

          2. It is found that the bushing of the dry-type transformer is seriously damaged and discharged: it needs to be stopped and checked by personnel.

          3. The oil pillow and air channel of the dry-type transformer are sprayed with oil and smoke: need to cut off the power immediately, and find personnel to check the fault.

          Conditions for dry-type transformers in operation requiring immediate power failure

          4. Carbon quality and excessive oil color change in dry-type transformer oil: it is necessary to stop the inspection at this time.

          5. The dry-type transformer is very loud and there is still sound: it must be stopped to avoid dangerous accidents.

          6. Under the condition of normal load and cooling, the oil temperature of the dry-type transformer is abnormal and it continues to rise.

          If any of the above symptoms occur during operation of the dry-type transformer, a power outage is required. If there is no power outage, there will be danger to life and damage to the dry-type transformer.

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