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          What are the key parts of dry-type transformers

          Release time:2020-05-14 18:13:24      Number of hits:95

          The structure of the dry-type transformer is very complicated, and maintaining the characteristics and effects of the dry-type transformer is also carried out through the important parts of the dry transformer, so it is the main thing to understand the role of the important parts of the dry transformer.

          1. Winding resistance (alias coil)

          It is generally made of insulated flat copper core wire or round copper core wire wound on a winding die. Chongqing Dry-type Transformer Factory includes two groups of primary and secondary (high pressure, bottom pressure). The primary coil introduces the primary electrical energy into the dry-type transformer to complete part of the excitation regulator system process, and the other part fills the electrical energy in the secondary coil. The secondary coil converts the magnetic energy into electrical energy and transmits it.

          The coils are generally connected in accordance with the necessary electrical equipment control circuit docking method (D corner connection or Y star connection).

          2. Car fuel tank and base

          Automobile fuel tanks are equipped with dry-type transformer oil for insulation and refrigeration. The dry-type transformer factory is made of steel plates. It implores high impact toughness, small deformation, and no water leakage at the welding and welding areas. Our company adopts the corrugated sheet structure, which can satisfy the request for heat dissipation of the heat pipe of the dry-type transformer and the request for the increase and decrease of the dry-type transformer oil, eliminating the oil pillow, dry-type transformer oil and gas protection The air oxidation rate of the oil is reduced, the application deadline and maintenance cycle time are increased, and the operating cost of the dry-type transformer is greatly reduced.

          3. Body insulation

          Including primary insulation, blocking rotation insulation and core insulation, and insulation between the chassis. Commonly used materials are: cardboard, epoxy glue, various insulating materials, dry-type transformer oil, wood for electric welders, etc. In addition to the excellent insulation effect, the dry-type transformer oil also has the practical effect of helping the heat dissipation of the dry-type transformer heat pipe, and the iron core and coil used for cooling operation.

          The above are the important parts of dry transformation and the effects they exert.

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