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          How is the temperature of the transformer regulated?

          Release time:2020-05-12 16:11:31      Number of hits:95

          Transformers are very widely used. Different temperatures will be generated when the transformer is working. The temperature is high and low. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the operation of the transformer, so everyone must control this temperature. How is the temperature of the transformer regulated? Let's take a look at the introduction of the editor.

          With the daily work of the transformer, excessive temperature is not good for the transformer core, and will burn the transformer core. If the temperature is too low, the output of the transformer will display a lower voltage.

          The temperature of the transformer control system changes so much:

          1. The entire system of the transformer is controlled by a *** and its PWM signal. All three-phase transformers are connected to a common DC link voltage. For each individual basic unit driver, a parallel board of drivers is used. The small change in driver operating time (less than 100ns) is compensated by a small AC output choke (inductance <5μH).

          2. All three-phase transformers operate at the same time, but there is a small delay. The hour delay can be compensated by an additional AC choke. A symmetrical layout and a positive temperature coefficient of IGBT saturation voltage drop are used to ensure proper load current balance. Each basic unit of the system is accompanied by additional correction of the PWM signal.

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