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          About us

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          Corporate mission: creating happiness for employees, creating benefits for enterprises, and creating wealth for society

          Corporate Vision: To be an era enterprise and create a century-old brand

          Core values: everything believes in the masses, everything depends on the masses, everything for the masses

          Entrepreneurship: Give yourself the power to conquer all difficulties

          Strategic goal: seek for the good first, then seek the big, then seek the strong

          Business Philosophy: Houde Virtue and Harmony

          Talent concept: both ability and integrity


          Main business

          The marketing network and service network of Tianhong Power Technology Co., Ltd. have been improved

          The company will further promote to the domestic and foreign markets. The company implements the "7 * 24 service mechanism". The company implements the after-sales service policy of one-year free replacement, three-year warranty and life-long warranty for its products. Welcome to come for consultation.

          Contact us

          # Address: No. 22, Xuhai Road, Industrial Park, Xuzhuang Town, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

          # Phone: +86-18361516966 (Sales)

          # Telephone: +86-18361516966(service)

          # Email: 1920745142@qq.com

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